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Packaging Lab Balances For Shipment:

Cahn Microbalances

Cahn balances use tiny metallic wires to suspend the weighing pan. These wires are called "hangdowns". They are very delicate. During transportation, they can move (unless restrained), which can cause any of several problems. IES recommends that you restrain these hangdowns as follows:

1) Cut one 8 inch length of mono-filament thread (fishing leader is great) for each hangdown. Tape one end of each thread onto the floor of the weighing chamber directly below each hangdown. Pass the free end through the loop of the hangdown, and secure this free end directly on top of the end previously taped. A large loop, which passes through the hangdown, now exists.

2) When unpacking a microbalance which has been secured by the above method, take care not to pull on the hangdowns as the thread is removed. Electronic wire-cutters, or a finger-nail clipper, can be used to cut the threads. Be very careful that, as the tape is being peeled away, no excessive tension is applied to the hangdown.

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