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Packaging Lab Balances For Shipment:

Analytical Types (units with glass doors)

1) Remove the weighing pan. Wrap it in several layers of bubble-pack material.

2) Place the instrument in a plastic bag, to keep cushioning material out of the instrument.

3) Verify that the floor plate of the weighing chamber is secure, and canít move even if the shipping box is turned upside down.

4) Use a huge box, with room for at least 3 inches of loose-fill material on all sides. IES double boxes, using an outer box which is 26" tall, 23" long, and 19" wide.

5) Tape the doors shut using masking tape. Some units can have the doors removed. Call if you need help with this. For Mettler ATís see: "AT -- Packaging and Glass Doors / Mettler." Call IES for help.

6) Place any accessories (the wrapped pan, subpan, and any other parts) in a separate box or bag close to the top of the box.

7) If the unit uses a wall-mount power supply, include it. Do not send standard power cords.

8) Enclose the IES RMA document so that it wonít be overlooked; either inside the packing list envelope, or attached directly to the instrument with removable tape.

Top Loader Balances

Analytical Balances

Mettler AT Balances

Cahn Microbalances

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