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Packaging Lab Balances For Shipment:

Mettler AT -- Packaging and Glass Doors


Mettler uses specially shaped glass doors on these instruments.Unless the instrument is shipped using the precautions below, the glass doors will almost certainly be broken. Cost of doors and glass alone is approximately $1000. IES does not need the glass to repair the instrument, so please do not ship it to us. Please contact us before you ship these instruments.

To Remove glass:

1) Find a box to keep many small parts in. Remove the three screws securing the back panel-- one on the top and two on the bottom. Do not remove the two in the center. Remove the panel. Remove the two screws securing the rear feet.

2) Be on the lookout for the many small parts associated with the door rollers. Notice how this comes apart, since you will have to reassemble it later. Remove the display assembly (two screws; watch out, it will "pop" forward and fall on the floor), which is secured with one screw. Remove all glass and door parts, and set these aside for safe storage. Remove the front glass too; it is secured with two screws.

3) From the rear ( about 1/2" below the top, centered left to right ), remove the brass post that extends from the rear towards the front. Remove the screw in front of the weighing pan which holds down that white metal shroud. Now the glass at the rear of the weighing chamber can be removed. Replace the back panel and rear feet.

To reassemble:

1) Same as the instructions in #1 above.

2) Top glass is "U" shaped. Reassemble the top door with rollers.

3) Start the top onto the instrument. Be sure the rollers on both sides are properly engaging the tracks; then slide the whole top glass forward.

4) The "L" shaped side doors can now be slipped into the appropriate slots.

5) Attach rear leveling feet, then the rear panel.

6) Attach front glass using two screws.

7) Attach display by plugging it in and securing with one screw from the bottom.

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