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IES Corporation - Quotation Policy:

IES will supply a quotation for the repair of any instrument shipped to our repair facility in Portland Oregon. There is no charge for the quotation. Quotes are returned via email or FAX whenever possible, telephone otherwise. We make every effort to return quotes the same day the instrument arrives. No repairs will be made until the customer approves the quote. Repairs which have been quoted and approved will be invoiced exactly as quoted.

Repair quotations apply specifically to the repairs requested on the customer's incoming paperwork or detailed on the Return Authorization, and do not cover repairs other than those so described. Quotes normally include shipping charges. IES will ship via ground transportation unless instructed otherwise on the associated paperwork. Quotations are based on a visual appraisal of the instrument's condition, the repairs requested on the Return Authorization, and our experience with the particular instrument model. We inspect every instrument individually. We do not perform extensive electrical testing or mechanical repair prior to being authorized to do so.

Instruments which arrive at IES with a Purchase Order and instructions to repair without quote will be invoiced on a labor + materials + shipping cost basis. Since no quote is required, these instruments are repaired and returned without further communication.

We will discuss any instrument with you on the phone and make an estimate of the cost of repair. This allows you to determine a likely cost without shipping the instrument to us. Please understand that estimates are just that estimates. We provide the best estimate we can with the information you provide.

Regarding Declined Quotes or units where no work is performed:

For instruments under $100 value and under 100 pounds weight, IES will return the unrepaired instrument via ground transportation at no charge whatever. To Alaska or Hawaii, we will return any unrepaired instrument for the cost of transportation. IES will insure these instruments for loss or damage up to $100. For instruments valued over $100, or for all instruments over 100 pounds, return transportation is paid for and arranged by the sender. You will communicate with your carrier (UPS, truck, etc. ) and make payment arrangements directly with them. We will package your instrument or attach to a pallet at no charge, and make it available to your carrier.

Carriers such as FedX and UPS will pick up shipments at our location and bill to your account. Please advise us in advance if you are using these services, so that we can be ready for their pickup. Check with your carrier for details.

Return Authorization:

When you are sending an instrument to IES, please call or email us. We will create a tracking number and document that summarizes the repair and logistics information. This is the opportunity to get a clear mutual understanding of what the malfunction is, and what IES will be repairing. We will fax or email the Return Authorization document to you immediately. We urge our customers to call ahead for an RA, since doing so adds organization , completeness, and clarity to these transactions. If you call outside business hours, please leave a message with your name, company name, model, and a description of the malfunction or reason the unit was removed from service. You can email anytime to , or fax to 503- 235-2535.
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