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America's most experienced lab balance repair specialists

All used balances are fully refurbished and meet original factory specifications. Having serviced lab balances for over 30 years allows us to select those with proven reliability and we choose only those balances whose physical appearance rates "good" to "excellent".

Current list of used balances:
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IES ref# Make Model Capacity Resolution Price
  Ohaus MB200 ( dryer) 200g .01g SOLD
20111 A&D FX2000 2000g .01g SOLD
    Mettler M3 150mg +2900mg 1ug SOLD
  Mettler AE163 160g/30g .1mg/.01mg SOLD
36394 Mettler AE200 200g .1mg SOLD
38682 Mettler PM4000 4000g .01g SOLD
34092 Mettler PM30K 30000g 1g pending
34301 Sartorius X1493 6000g .1g $500
  Sartorius LC1200-S 1200g 1mg SOLD

All used balances come with 1 year warranty !

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