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Mettler AE Analytical Balance:

The AE series of instruments are popular with laboratory users because of their straight-forward design and consistant, accurate performance. But after many years of service, some will need repair, and others will benefit from preventative maintenance. If your Instrument is in need of repair, please click on lab balance repair.

IES offers three options for owners of Mettler AE series instruments who wish to either prolong the life of their instrument, or renew the clarity and brightness of the digital readout. These options apply to FULLY functional instruments and boards. We also repair non-functional instruments and boards.

Option 1:
Send IES the readout circuit board for rebuild. We install a new readout tube and switches, and ship your board back to you. We have instructions to assist with the removal and replacement of your readout board ( click for instructions ) . Cost is $245.00 plus shipping. Your instrument will be out of service while your readout board is in transit round trip, plus two days in our shop. The result is that your instrument has a clear, bright numeric readout. (part number 600302.1)

Option 2:
IES will sell you a rebuilt readout board without you sending your board. This means that you must both remove your board AND exchange the very fragile tare bar. We have instructions to assist you with this ( click for instructions ) , but you must understand that new tare bars are not available, and you risk breaking your existing tare bar. The advantage here is that your instrument is only out of operation for a few hours - while you are exchanging the board and tare bar. Cost is $345.00 plus shipping. (part number 600302.2)

Option 3:
This option applies to instruments which are FULLY functional but have not had internal maintenance for 10 years or more. We refurbish main and readout boards, adjust cornerload, linearity, and calibration, and clean as needed. We return your instrument with a limited 1 year warranty. Cost is $550, which includes refurbishing your instrument and UPS ground transportation of the refurbished instrument from IES to you. You pay shipping of your instrument from you to IES.

Option 3 is offered for instruments that are currently fully functional (no operational or measurement accuracy issues) , but which may have very dim numeric readout. It is a preventative maintenance program, not a repair. If your instrument is not fully operational, then we will quote repairs. We reserve the right to offer this option only on instruments that we judge to be in acceptable overall condition (lack of mechanical or corrosion damage).

The limited one year warranty on option 3 does not cover damage caused by corrosion, contamination, mechanical breakage, or other abuse.

We believe that the AE series ( AE-50, AE-100, AE-160, AE-163, AE-200, AE-240, AE-260, AE-400 ) represent the finest analytical balances ever built. We also expect them to need option 3 at 15-20 years of age. They can deliver many more years of accurate service.

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